Collections Services Michelle Lureen will help you collect your debts and dues that are outstanding and work as your advocate in a variety of relating matters.
Debt Collection, Demand Letters, Judgement Hearings, Bank Levies, Garnishments - Michelle L. Lureen Law Offices
Collecting funds from someone that owes you money can be frustrating.  Michelle Lureen can help you recover your debts and dues.  Whether you need help with or any combination of demand letters, judgement hearing, bank levies and/or garnishements, she will be your advocate for retrieving your funds.

Don't let the frustration of getting your money back from
those who owe it get the best of you.  Michelle Lureen will help you throughout the process and will help you get your money back to the best of her ability.

To contact Michelle Lureen for help with collections of debts and various other relating matters, visit the Contact Us page for more information.  To see other areas of practice, visit the Areas of Practice page.
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